Sunday, March 02, 2008

McCain, Hillary: Double Campaign Suicide?

In today's Times Op Ed, "McCain Channels His Inner Hillary," Frank Rich writes:
... The good news for the Democrats so far is that whatever Mr. McCain’s sporadic overlap with liberals, he is emulating almost identically the suicidal Clinton campaign against Mr. Obama. He has mimicked Mrs. Clinton’s message and rhetorical style, her tone-deaf contempt for Mr. Obama’s cultural appeal, and her complete misreading of just how politically radioactive the war in Iraq remains despite its migration from the front page.

Like his prototype, Mr. McCain trumpets his long years of experience to an electorate that currently associates experience with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. He further channels Mrs. Clinton by belittling Mr. Obama’s oratory as an “eloquent but empty call for change” — a tactic that calls attention to how flat and uninspiring his own speeches can be. (Again like Mrs. Clinton, Mr. McCain is at his best in small groups and town-hall meetings.)

He also likes to counter hope with gloom — as if he wants to put Armageddon, rather than a chicken, in every pot. But after seven years of doom, Americans are as hungry for optimism as they were for Reagan’s “Morning in America” after Carter’s malaise. As Rudy Giuliani learned the hard way, the political potency of 9/11 has gone the way of John Ashcroft and color-coded terror alerts....
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Abbybwood said...

9/11 is not going away. It is right at the front of millions of peoples' thinking not only in the United States but around the world. Here's a link to all the omissions David Ray Griffin discovered in "The 9/11 Commission Report":

And here is but one example of what millions are wondering around the world:

But to really bring this into focus, Hillary better be paying attention to "The NYC New Investigation Into 9/11" Initiative that is happening in NYC right now. They are busy gathering the necessary 45,000 signatures to get it on the November ballot.

There's a shit storm brewing over the events of 9/11 and every human with a brain and idle curiosity will not rest until we know the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH about 9/11.

The Unknown Candidate said...

Thanks, abbywood. Couldn't agree more with your efforts -- although I think Rich is right in that most Americans are no longer responding to the 9/11 fear tactics used by the current administration, McCain and Hillary -- and that's GOOD news. That said, the truth of 9/11 must come out and the events credibly investigated. Let's hope the NYC initiative is successful and gets on the Nov. ballot.

For those who want more info on this, here are the links: The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie

911 False Flag (VIDEO)