Monday, March 24, 2008

Iraq: 4000 Service Members Dead

To Whom it May Concern:
As I sit in my cushy apartment in the “war zone” fiddling through the endless bulletins of a fictitious world named “MySpace”, I open one entitled "4000 Service Member Dead" by my friend and testifier at Winter Soldier, Jason Washburn.

Suddenly, the walls around me are papery thin and not so cushy. Something has come to remind me of the pseudo “bubble” of materialism, capitalism, imperialism, and apathy that the last eight years have so gallantly bread: “Stay indoors….isolate yourself…keep shopping….turn your head and support corporate media”.

When is it enough? When will all of us become so angered that we will demand answers, accountability, and an end to senseless violence? When will the apathy dissipate?

Perhaps we should just smile and give our superficial condolences, explaining to this young man’s family that his death is all in the name of….wait, what was it about?

I encourage all of you to turn off your televisions, put down your Newsweek, stumble blindly to your computers and type in Watch the testimony. Maybe it will be enough to force all of you to take accountability and furthermore, action. After all, when will we grow tired of funerals and folded flags?
--J. Michaels

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