Monday, September 01, 2008

Living in a Lying Nation

Below is a piece written by Sean M. Madden,, in response to today's BBC Radio 4's Today program about the conflict in Georgia and, specifically, today's scheduled EU summit meeting to decide what the West's response will be "in the wake of [Russia's] invasion of Georgia."

This is a must read (as is Sean's Blog,
Living in a Lying Nation
By Sean M. Madden
"... I had hoped when I moved to Britain three years ago—for my wife to return to her native home after living in the U.S. with me for twelve years—that the world-renowned British press would prove to be more critical of, less beholden to, the criminal powers that be.

Worse, they are every bit as criminally complicit as their American counterparts...."
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Sean M. Madden is an American writer-educator living in East Sussex, England. His articles have been headlined by a wide range of online media outlets, including Information Clearing House, United Press International’s, Guerrilla News Network, Online Journal, Atlantic Free Press, Scoop,, Thomas Paine’s Corner, Carolyn Baker’s popular website and the Populist Party of America’s website. Sean also edits and writes for his and blogs, and welcomes correspondence from readers. His email address is

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