Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why McCain is Wrong for America

This world cannot survive four more years of McBush....
  • McCain Action Helped Arizona Developer: Report | New York Times:
  • "Presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain secured millions in federal funds for a land acquisition program that provided a windfall for an Arizona developer whose executives were major campaign donors, according to a USA Today report...."
  • McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide | Frank Rich | New York Times:
    "...[A]re independents suckers? They’d have to be to fall for the pitch that Mr. McCain is an apostate in his own party in 2008. He has been an outspoken Bush defender since helping him sell the Iraq war in 2002 and barnstorming for him in 2004. Despite Mr. McCain’s campaign claims to the contrary, he never publicly called for the firing of Donald Rumsfeld. He is still one of the president’s most stalwart supporters in Congress, even signing on to the president’s wildly unpopular veto of an expansion of children’s health insurance...."
  • Dire Consequences with a McCain Supreme Court? | AlterNet:
    "Imagine the dire consequences if McCain appoints a fifth radical Supreme Court justice who believes in an all-powerful Executive Branch...."
  • McCain's Lobbyists Continue to Cause Him Headaches | AlterNet:
    "Lobbyists turned campaign staffers resign over connections to military dictatorships...."
  • Free Ride- John McCain and the Media | Justin Cole (MediaMatters):
    Today, Paul Waldman and David Brock are releasing a new chapter to their book, "Free Ride: John McCain and the Media." The new chapter is an update to the media coverage of McCain since the book was published and is available at

    Here is a sample from the new chapter:
    As Free Ride was nearing its release, we began to hear an interesting argument from those skeptical of the case we make. "Look at that story in the New York Times suggesting that McCain might have had an affair with a lobbyist," some said. "Doesn't that prove the press isn't in the tank for McCain?" The truth, however, is that the Times story proves just the opposite.

    The speculation about a possible McCain affair did not exactly set off a feeding frenzy among the press corps. Though one could argue ignoring such salacious rumors is exactly what the press should do, it is hard to imagine they would have been as restrained had it been a different candidate. Indeed, within hours, that aspect of the story simply disappeared from public discussion; instead, McCain and his press team managed to transform the controversy about him to a controversy about the New York Times.

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