Saturday, December 29, 2007

Progressives, To Arms!


Why progressives should forget the middle ground | By Paul Krugman | Slate Magazine
"Here's a thought for progressives: Bush isn't the problem. And the next president should not try to be the anti-Bush.

No, I haven't lost my mind. I'm not saying that we should look kindly on the Worst President Ever; we'll all breathe a sigh of relief when he leaves office 405 days, 2 hours, and 46 minutes from now. (Yes, a friend gave me one of those Bush countdown clocks.) Nor am I suggesting that we should forgive and forget; I very much hope that the next president will open the records and let the full story of the Bush era's outrages be told.

But Bush will soon be gone. What progressives should be focused on now is taking on the political movement that brought Bush to power. In short, what we need right now isn't Bush bashing—what we need is partisanship...."

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ILLUSTRATION: Slate Magazine

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werepig said...

werepigz AND


'Hey'j'Ya...'Mine' nah'Nnnnukle!


'Merry' ChristMass?
And, A 'Happy' New j'Year!?!

'Q'-uestion for 'Thee', ...Sire/Mame...

'HOW' DO 'WE', as [VOTERZ's] AND
['Citizenz's] MAKE
'the' Political 'Aristocracy'...
ACCEPT and HOLD 'AN'-Other 'Continental' Congress?!?

Or...'BETTER' j'Yet,
A 'Constitutional' CONGRESS?!?

Mr. KruggieManh...


'OUR' Media HAS BEEN...

'Co-Opted' and 'Corrupted' to 'the' POINT of 'Aiding AND Abetting' THE 'Criminal' Political 'Ruling' CLASS!!!

And...'We' Sure 'could' Use 'One' about k'Now!

Don'cha 'think'So?!?



Is... ?!?'~iT~'?!?