Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove Leaves Bush Brainless

For Rove, Last Disrespects:
Tobin Harshaw and Chris Suellentrop report in the Times blog, The Opinionator: "The good must have been interred with Karl Rove's resignation letter, because there's not a lot of love for him in blogland today, nor much respect for his reputation as a political mastermind...." Continue reading and follow the links for more.
My own opinion is that Rove will wave an official bye bye for the benefit of the unquestioning media while he continues to cook up his own special brand of dirty tricks from some black hole in the universe, never more than a cell phone or email away from his ol' buddy boy Bush. Sabotage of the 2008 election would be right up his alley. My fear is that he'll be working quietly and clandestinely on something far more sinister -- while the media pays no attention, instead obsessing over their latest and greatest breaking murder, catastrophe, rape, missing person, or polar bear story.

Ain't America fun?


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    Alfred said...

    Have to agree with you; you can't trust him when you can see him, he'll be less trustworthy now out of the light; he might even be working secretly for Cheney.