Saturday, August 11, 2007

The One Candidate Who Speaks Truth


The following video is a reminder that we do have one Democratic candidate that stands for change, speaks truth without mincing his words, and has a record that shows he walks the walk as well as he talks the talk.

Presuming there will be an election in November and presuming it will not be sabotaged by the powers that be, we still hold the power of the vote. Speaking to my mother a few days after the last Democratic Presidential debate, I was confronted with this all too common reaction: "Kucinich? Yeah, he's great-- but he can't win."

My response is as it always is: He CAN win -- if you vote for him.

We must stop listening to the propagandized media and start thinking and acting in our interests. Use your vote as if your life depended on it -- because it does -- and vote for the candidate that has the vision to give America back to the people.

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1 comment:

Alfred said...

Anne Curry is such an ass; but then it is NBC which is owned and controlled by GE so what can you expect?
Dennis did hold his own and well;
I only wish he had the numbers Juan Cole has on Al Quaeda in Iraq being insignificant by comparison and not at all tied to OBL.
I'll give Bush and the Reps credit, they do know how to make the most of their bullshit.