Friday, January 16, 2009

Vote to Hold the Bush Administration Accountable


An open letter to Barack Obama

Dear President-Elect Obama:
While I understand your desire to put the mistakes and failures of the Bush administration behind us and to focus on the future with a positive agenda of change, I believe it is absolutely necessary to the credibility of your promise of change that you investigate the abuses of the Bush administration and hold accountable anyone who has abused his or her power of office or participated in criminal acts.

Without holding government responsible for past abuses, there is nothing to preclude those same abuses from recurring. When you take the oath of office on January 20th, you will swear to uphold the Constitution. You cannot do so while allowing those who have disgraced it to fail to pay consequences for their actions.

Those who voted for you are passionately hopeful that you will live up to your campaign rhetoric and act boldly to do what is right for our country--no matter the political cost. We are facing unprecedented problems domestically and internationally. We need bold actions, truth, and real solutions.

I implore you to do what is necessary to restore the faith of Americans in our country's leadership by upholding your duties to protect the Constitution.

Thank you.



1 comment:

Librocrat said...

While I do agree, I think they need to wait until they have passed at least most of their "first 100 day" projects. That is because right now they have public support on their side.

Though they will likely also have public support for prosecuting the administration, it will become a distraction from the goals they have set - and with that distraction, the Republicans can be more forceful against Obama's goals without their reaction being as widely noticed.

Prosecute the administration, but wait until year 2 or 3 after several of Obama's plans have been passed.